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when you get down to it, geth had the most body diversity in the series. yes, they’re all basically programs, but they got  three eyes, one eye, fours arms or two arms and two legs, they can be little drones or colossal or small hopping creatures

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You don’t have to fight anymore.
Yorda from Ico and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus :)


You don’t have to fight anymore.

Yorda from Ico and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus :)

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I think… I’ve done everything possible in me1

I went to each system, checked out every planet. The only things I didn’t do was getting Wrex’s armor, and the Negotiation mission, even though I used the cheat with Lorik to get my renegade higher than 75 percent. Otherwise…. yes, I did everything. 


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Song: Fall for You
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Fall For You | Secondhand Serenade

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geez okay so that mission opened up two new systems, which lead me to a ship, and I find a terminal with three entries in it. and after the first one (which mentions cerberus) you know what one of the squadmates says? 

"Cerberus? Is that a corporation?"

The first time I’ve ever heard the crew (in this case Ash) wonder who Cerberus is before Mass Effect 2 comes around. Is this supposed to be the ‘introduction’ to the group because I’ve never played this mission nor heard about it before.

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Anonymous inquired:

What do you think of S3 so far? I'm a hater, but I actually think its really good. The plot isnt as messy as last season and it helps that the krew has taken a backseat to the more interesting characters. I thought the last episode was a bit fillery compared to the one before it, but on rewatch it actually reminded me a bit of ATLA.


I think that Book 3 (this is actually season 2) is doing well. Excellently, in comparison to the other Books that came before it. It is consistently good. The characters get along and work like a real team. Many side characters are given proper exposure and are better fleshed out. The main antagonist is actually sort of different from the ones that came before (Zaheer has shown some humanity towards his team, unlike Ozai, Amon, and Unalaq who often worked solo and used allies and family alike as pawns). Moreover, the motives of the Red Lotus is shrouded in such mystery that it compels viewers to continue watching and every step they make is an engaging one.

Book 3 is doing wonderfully. I just wish to lament on how it took so long for it to get to this level of storytelling. Books 1 and 2 were mostly miserable experiences with only a few exceptions (the beginning of Book 1 and the end of Book 2- it feels like everything in between was something of a nightmare). Thankfully, the new writers are doing something to improve it, but it might be too late. Many viewers are lost (through various means, but mainly Nickelodeon’s horrible marketing of the show) and now the show will be moved online. I bet you half of the current audience doesn’t even know this and will look forward to watching LOK on Friday at 8PM. I feel like the show is really not doing well. It will survive (mainly because Nickelodeon already hastily funded the development of the Books 2, 3, and 4), but only barely.

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ICO & Shadow of the Colossus

by Matthew S. Armstrong

Illustrations imbued with a lurking, unsettling vibe - much like the PlayStation 2 classic’s they’re based on - ICO and Shadow of the Colossus -  by artist Matthew S. Armstrong. I can’t help but be reminded of Attack on Titan from the second image, not that that’s a bad thing.

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that mission opened up yet another system geez

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okay so I let the queen go… but now I’m off to destroy an underground rachni base? I mean, it does make sense given that the rachni showed up on a world and started attacking the people there, but why?

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